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Topics: Colonialism, British colonization of the Americas, Roanoke Colony Pages: 6 (1238 words) Published: September 21, 2013
Unit Objectives and GLEs:
1. Discuss the reasons Europeans began exploring lands in the Western Hemisphere and discuss the immediate effects this had on the native populations there. 2. Describe the exploration and settlement patterns of the major countries involved and briefly discuss the reasons that each settled the areas in which they did. 3. Understand the preconceptions and expectations the English brought to their initial encounters with the natives in Virginia 4. Examine the different ways in which the colonists and Indians interacted and the underlying tensions in these encounters 5. Explore why English settlers and Native Americans were unable to form a lasting relationship with each other in the Chesapeake region 6. Investigate though primary resources what life was life for early North American colonists Chapter Readings: (Outline Chapters in Garraty Book)

Garraty Ch 1-Part of Ch 3 (pg 1-84)
Readings from John Smith’s Journal
Articles on Colonial America – Pocahontas, Hutchinson, Equiano, Squanto

Movie Clips:
Scene from Pocahontas – Disney
Scene from The Lost World
Last of the Mohicans
America: The Story of US – “Rebels” Episode
Other Clips from online resources shown as needed

Key Concepts:

2.Virginia Company
4.“Starving Time”
5.House of Burgesses
6.Mayflower Compact
7.Powhatan Confederacy
8.Royal Colony
9.Charter Colony
10.Joint-Stock Company
11.Proprietary Colony
13.Massachusetts Bay Colony
14.Great Migration
15.Plymouth Bay Colony
18.Rhode Island
19.Pequot War
20.Anne Hutchinson
21.Roger Williams
22.Maryland Toleration Act
23.Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
24.New Amsterdam, New York
25.New Jersey
27.King Philip’s War
28.Bacon’ Rebellion
30.Dominion of New England
31.Glorious Revolution in England
34.Harvard College
35.Halfway Covenant
36.Salem witchcraft trials
37.Scotch Irish
38.Great Awakening
39.College of William and Mary
40.Peter Zenger Case
41.Stono Rebellion
42.Regulators Uprising
43.salutary neglect
44.triangular trade
45.King William’s War
46.Queen Anne’s War
47.King George’s War
48.Albany Congress
49.Albany Plan of Union
50.French and Indian War
51.George III
52.Treaty of Paris 1763

Day By Day Lesson Plans: (Modified Block Schedule - Each Class day is 92 Minutes long.)

Day 1: Pre-Columbian Life and Exploration
Bell-ringer activity: (20 - 25 minutes) – Read highlighted sections from “1491” article. Found on Moodle and can be read in iBooks on the iPad. (Take attendance, issue textbooks and iPads, etc…)
Class Discussion and Activity:
Part 1 - (10 - 15 minutes) – Individually analyze the article using the APPARTS method Part 2 – (15 - 20 minutes) – Share answers with partner. Make sure that each part is answered and agreed upon by team. Part 3 – (10 – 15 minutes) – Discuss article as a class.

Exploration Investigation Activity: (20-30 minutes)
Each student will be given an explorer chart to complete using the ThinkQuest website attached on Moodle page. Students will research life of explorers, patterns of exploration, the harshness of attitudes toward the natives, etc…

Closure/ Reflection (10-15 minutes)
Post teacher completed chart for correct answers. Discuss what was learned from the activity and highlight the main points such as the Columbian exchange, slavery, disease, and what would lead into colonization.

Day 2: Establishing Colonies in the New World
Bell-ringer activity: (10 Minutes) – AP Key-term Definitions Individual Activity: (30 Minutes) - APUSH Pre-test – 40 MC and Map Test

Individual Activity: (10 Minutes) – After test, students will read National Geographic article on excavations of Roanoke Island

Group Activity and Discussion: (30 Minutes) – Mysteries in History – The Lost...
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