Chapter 4 Focus Questions

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1. How did the Glorious Revolution shape relations between England and its North American colonies? During the Glorious Revolution, King James II was overthrown and replaced with his daughter, Mary, and her husband, William. This change showed the power of the elected representatives over the monarch. The colonies of North America believed this was how it should be, and pretty much the Glorious Revolution confirmed the colonists' beliefs that there should be limited monarch power, and a strong representative government. The English Bill of Rights that followed the Glorious Revolution also had massive influence on the colonies.

2. What factors contributed most significantly to the growth and prosperity of the British mainland colonies? Some factors that contributed to the prosperity of British colonies were the dethroning of King James II, mercantilism, population growth, and expansion. The crowning of William and Mary opened up a new era for the colonists. William dismantled the Dominion of New England and brought back self-governing colonies rather than crown appointed governors. Mercantilism helped further develop England’s economy. Mercantilism maximized sales while minimizing foreign purchase. The colonies wouldn’t purchase things from other nations but they would encourage other nations to buy from them. Mercantilism became the commercial economy of England. The income produced from mercantilism enhanced commerce. All the colonies had a population growth, not from immigration but from natural increase. In the early 1700s, England expanded many of their colonies like Delaware. England also spread their empire south to Georgia. Georgia became a refugee for debtors to work off their debts.

3. What factors explain the relative strengths of the British, French, and Spanish empires in North America? Some factors that explain the relative strengths of the British, French, and Spanish empires are relationships with the Indians,...
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