Contrast Colonial New England with Chesapeake

Topics: Colonialism, Religion, New England Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: December 9, 2011
Contrast Colonial New England with Chesapeake. Include description of their economics, religious practices, labor sources, government and familiar patterns. Were these differences caused more by topographical factors or immigration patterns? Upon evaluating the New England colonies versus the Chesapeake bay colonies, it is important to outline their similarities and differences in order to assess why one flourished more successfully than the other and the root of this occurrence. Although Plymouth New England possessed slightly better chances due to its colonization in 1620, as opposed to the Jamestown Chesapeake colony in 1607, they both weathered their fair share of issues due to their location, time of colonization, religion, environmental changes, etc. The assessment of these changes can lead one to the answer of why they developed the way that they did and why they had such lifestyle differences. First and foremost, it is important to understand that the 13 year time gap in the colonization of Plymouth New England and Jamestown Chesapeake made a significant difference in how the two developed as colonies. It is always harder for the first colonies to settle rather than the middle or last colonies because the latter colonies can learn to adapt more easily to their new surroundings. Their location played a large part in how they developed because the weather and the environment changes how people live. While the New England colony was facing the harshest winters, the Chesapeake colony was thriving through the mildest winters without much difficulty. However, Chesapeake colony lived in more fear of the native indigenous population as opposed to the New England colony which did not have to focus as much on it. The weather and the location changed everything for the New England colony and the Chesapeake colony, as it decided what they wore, what they grew, their family patterns, labor choices, and etc. When the New England colony began to develop in its working...
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