Essay Starters for Jack Davis's No Sugar

Topics: Colonialism, Indigenous Australians, Australia Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: March 12, 2014
No Sugar Essay Starters
Sheradyn – Drama Essay ~ No sugar (Jack Davis) The play No Sugar by Jack Davis has various themes and issues covered in it. Understanding of society helps with the meaning of this text, through multiple aspects. These are shown in the text through various themes/issues. These themes NO SUGAR (JACK DAVIS) Jack Davis’ “No Sugar”, written in 1985, is a play that highlights Australian racism and cultural destruction caused by British colonialism. It is set in 1929 (Great Depression) in Northam, Western Australia. The play explores the impacts of the European social The paucity of power is one struggle which many marginalised groups experience. Repeatedly, the "inferior" individuals are forced to collude with the dominant culture's practices and beliefs. Jack Davis' play, No Sugar, relates the various ways in which different characters react to the pressure t Davis' presentation of the social, realist, drama "No Sugar" can be considered as a forum to highlight the impacts of the European social and political philosophy of the early 20th century on Aboriginal society. It is a political text that exposes social issues. It expresses these issues using An essay of the themes and issues underlying No Sugar 1. No Sugar challenges the prejudiced, negative stereotypes of Aborigines operating in a mainstream Australian society. Despite the Mullimurras' problems, they survive as a family with resourcefulness and dignity. Discuss this statement in relate All stage dramas are written to portray themes, and one of the tools that the author has to create these themes is the use of spoken language. 'No Sugar', by Jack Davis is a stage drama which uses many different techniques of spoken language in order to shape the numerous themes that it presents. Throughout Australian history a racist attitude towards Aboriginals has been a significant issue. From the moment the early settlers arrived on our shores and colonised, the Aboriginals have been fighting for...
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