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Max McCombs
AP US History

From Days Before Time
Before Europeans even knew about the Americas, Native American tribes were the first inhabitants. These first inhabitants were a people group united by kinship and called Paleo-Indians and they settled in the Americas between twelve and fifteen thousand years ago. Large mammals and an abundance of plants drew hunter-gatherers to the Americas, which provided the sustenance necessary for survival. Agriculture takes hold in a portion of the Americas between 1000 to 1200 AD, but spreads further and more extensively by 500 AD. Agriculture in the Americas was much different than in Europe and other countries. In the Americas, crops such as corn, beans, and squash were grown and there were no animals involved. Early fifteenth century, Europe was a patchwork of small kingdoms and principalities, and Europe began to expand into Muslim country and acquired a desire to trade goods with Asia, so they went about exploration of other than previous forms and ended up in America, without knowing it.

Soon after Columbus arrived, Spanish explorers took an interest and also began to colonize, and proceeded to slaughter large numbers of Indians in get rich quick attempt. Also missionaries took an interest in converting the Indians to Christianity, which resulted in blended versions of Catholicism that exist today. Conquistadors, Spanish colonists under a man named Cortez, conquered the Aztecs and began Indian labor system. Because of the scarcity of laborers in the Americas, Portuguese and Spanish colonists looked to Africa for black slaves. Spanish colonization and exploitation of Indians resulted in the Pueblo revolt against the Spanish. Europe soon followed their explorer Columbus to the Americas, bringing diseases and sickly pigs, this event is now called the Great Dying. The Indians began to resist the power of the Spanish and soon coexisted with them, adopting their cultures and learning the Spanish language....
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