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Topics: Economics, Exchange rate, Currency Pages: 4 (662 words) Published: March 2, 2014
Global Economics II
Semester 2
Miguel Lebre de Freitas
PhD in Economics, University of London (Birkbeck College), 1998. Assistant Professor at Universidade de Aveiro, Invited Assistant Professor at Nova SBE. Previously, he served as Chief Economist at the Ministry of Economy (Director of Cabinet of Strategy and Studies, 2005-2010). His professional experience also includes a passage through the Bank of Portugal’ Department of Economic Studies (1999-2000), as well as the participation in many short term projects funded by domestic institutions, EU institutions and international donors, addressing economic issues in Portugal and in various emerging economies. His research has been devoted to international monetary economics, economic growth, international trade and the Portuguese Economy. His main publications include the Journal of international money and finance, and the Canadian Journal of Economics. Contacts:

Office: Monday: 5pm-6:30pm
COURSE UNIT AIMS. (Purpose of the course using broad, general terms) The aim of this course is to use simple analytical tools to discuss problems raised by the openness of an economy to international flows of money and capital. The course covers the main topics in International Monetary Economics, including the theories of exchange rate determination, stabilization policies under fixed and flexible exchange rates, the choice of an exchange rate regime, global imbalances, international policy coordination, and the European Monetary Union.

COURSE UNIT CONTENT. (Main topics covered in the course)

National income accounting and Balance of Payments: (SU1-2, KOM 13). The Foreign Exchange Market (KOM 14)
The real exchange rate (KOM 16, SL10).
Exchange Rate Regimes (SL 10).
Money, interest rates and the exchange rate (KOM 15)
Output, exchange rates and macro policies (KOM 17,18).
The exchange rate question (KO 19, 20)
The European Monetary Union...

Bibliography: Main references:
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Other (occasional references) include
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