History 100 Midterm

Topics: American Revolution, Thirteen Colonies, Massachusetts Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: March 3, 2013
IDs (10 will be on exam, of which you will answer 6) More details on grading to follow, but for full credit you will want to say: • What it is • When it happened / existed (within ~ 20 years) • Why it matters • If a concept, region or other generality, give a specific example of the type Abigail Adams Anglicization Anne Hutchinson Black Legend Columbian Exchange First Great Awakening Glorious Revolution Halfway Covenant Indentured servitude “Intolerable Acts” Jamestown Loyalists Malintzin / La Malinche Massachusetts Bay colony Metacom / “King Philip” Middle colonies “The Middle Ground” Middle Passage Nathaniel Bacon New Amsterdam Proclamation Line Puritans Reconquista Seven Years’ War Slave society South Carolina Task system The town (Massachusetts) Thomas Paine West Africa

Essays (2 will be on the exam; you will select one) 1. Choose a European colonial power from the following list: Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands. What were the main ways in which that power’s colonial enterprise(s) differed from England/Britain’s colonial projects in the Americas? Why did those differences arise? Which factors (social, political, etc.) were most important in shaping the differences between the two colonial enterprises and what purpose (if any) did they serve? Use specific examples drawn from the readings and lectures. 2. Choose one of the following pairs of colonies for a comparative analysis: Virginia and South Carolina, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, Virginia and Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania. How did differences in environmental conditions, migration and labor regimes create different types of political and social orders in your two chosen colonies? Which factors do you think were most important? You should cover the period from first European settlement to the mid-eighteenth century, using specific examples drawn from the readings and lectures. 3. Make the case for or against the following proposition: the American Revolution was inevitable....
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