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Europeans have colonized many places throughout the world starting from the fifteenth to nineteenth century. European colonialism established maintenance, acquisition, and explanation of colonies in a territory. Colonialism gave Europeans control over foreign nations which was maintained and extended. A few examples of European colonialism are the colonization of Africa and the colonization of Southeast Asia.

The colonization of Africa let too many events that happened in the past and some that still exist. The Europeans were interested in Africa because of their natural resource and they were also curious about the interior of the country itself. The Europeans had missionaries to try to get the African people to convert to Christianity which destroyed their traditions. Three major impacts of colonialism in Africa are native ethnic tension and violence, long lasting racial oppression, and widespread poverty. South Africans were segregated based on race, and native blacks were excluded from citizenship and forced to live on government appropriated lands based on tribe. Whites were given superior education, housing, jobs, and medical care. The long lasting impact of racial oppression just recently ended by the South African system of apartheid.

Another example of European colonialism is the colonization of Southeast Asia. The effects of the colonization of Southeast Asia from 1870 to 1900 can be divided into social, economical and political changes. European colonialism brought new methods to their government. The new methods were more rational, cold, organized and ranked. Other changes were made to the political stability and security in Southeast Asia, which created conditions for economic development, and some changes towards the system of law and order. The social changes were the rise of racial and social tensions, rise of the middle class, and the improvement in standard living. Colonialism in Southeast Asia had both positive and negative affects...
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