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CONTENT No. 01 Lesson Introduction to Communication History of Human Communication Sociology of Communication Communication and Socialization Forms of Communication Non-verbal Communication Laws of Advertising Writer Prof. M. R. Dua Vetter Prof. Manoj Dayal Page No. 10


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Prof. B. K. Kuthiala



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Sh. M. R. Patra

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Sh. M. R. Patra

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Converted in to SIM format by: SH. M. R. PATRA

M. A. Mass Communication (1st year) / PGDMC HUMAN COMMUNICATION MMC 101 / PGDMC 101 Lesson: 1

Writer: Prof. M.R. Dua

Retired. Professor & Head, Dept. of Journalism, IIMC, New Delhi. Vetter: Prof. Manoj Dayal

Dean, Faculty of Media Studies, GJUST, Hisar, (Haryana)
Converted in to SIM format by: Sh. M. R. Patra

LESSON STRUCTURE: In this lesson, we shall discuss about some basic aspects of communication. We shall discuss about some definitions of communication given by some communication scholars. Then we shall focus on the elements of communication and the process of communication. Finally, we shall try to understand the major functions of communication. The lesson structure shall be as follows: 1.0 1.1 1.2 Objectives Introduction Presentation of Content

1.2.1 The Communication Process 1.2.2 Aspects of Communication 1.2.3 Elements of Communication 1.2.4 Functions Of Communication 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 Summary Key Words Self-Assessment-Questions (SAQs) References/Suggested Reading



The objectives of this lesson are as follows: * To understand the concept of communication, * To study some definitions of communication, * To study the process of Communication.

* To study the elements of communication, * To study the functions of communication, and * To understand the scope of communication.



Communication is as old as the human race. Several communications scholars have stated that the word "communication" is derived from the Latin verb "communicare" which means " to make common" or " to share". It is also believed to have been based on a Latin word, "cummunis", which means to communicate and share, to impart a piece of information, a message, an idea or concept. 1.2 PRESENTATION OF CONTENT:

Communication is a multi-dimensional concept. Here we shall study the various dimensions of communication. We shall discuss about communication as follows: o The Communication Process o Various Aspects of Communication o Elements of Communication o Functions Of Communication

1.2.1 The Communication Process: Communication is often considered as an activity only. In reality, it is actually a process. The process of communication includes transmission of information, ideas, emotions, skills, and knowledge. This is done with the help of symbols, words, pictures, figures, graphs, drawings, and illustrations, etc. Again, "communication" is the process by which we understand and in turn try to be understood by others. It is dynamic, constantly changing and shifting in response to the overall situation. Therefore, "communication" can be described as "the interchange of thoughts or ideas". This is also referred as sharing of meaning. Again, communication is viewed as creation and transmission of information, consisting of distinctive stimuli, from a source to a recipient. Speaking about the role of communication in everyday life, one can say that communication is a system through which the messages are sent, and feedback received. So it is not a one-way process. Rather it is a two-way process.

Communication is, therefore, the process of transferring a particular information or message from an information source to a desired, definite or a particular destination. This process also involves feedback from the receiver.

1.2.2 Various Aspects of Communication...
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