Out of many Ch. 5 notes

Topics: Colonialism, Thirteen Colonies, British America Pages: 15 (2890 words) Published: September 11, 2014
Middle Colonies

I. The Middle Colonies
a. Location
i. Along the lower Hudson River ii. Included New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania b. Religion

i. Puritan, Baptist, Quaker, Catholic, and Jewish congregations ii. Lutherans or Calvinists, Presbyterians, Anglicans, Baptists iii. Tolerance of religious practices and distinctions c. Politics and government

i. Justices appointed by colonial officials ii. Landowning farmers chose local officials d. Economy

i. Some of the best farmland in North America ii. Exported abundant produce iii. Booming port in Philadelphia e. Social and cultural aspects

i. Ethnically diverse, including Dutch, Huguenots, Flemish, German ii. Communities connected by kinship and neighborly bonds iii. Social stability and prosperity iv. Lots sold individually rather than in communal packages f. Physical characteristics

i. Rich farmland ii. Ports iii. Human environment interaction 1. Agriculture

g. Historical context
i. Quakers rented land to various ethnic and religious groups, creating “salad bowl”

Indian America

I. Relative location of regions
a. Hundreds of Indian cultures ranged from foothills of Appalachians to western flank of Sierra Nevada in California b. Colonists forced Indians to relocate
i. Moved from Atlantic coastal plain ii. Moved into or beyond Appalachian mountains c. Became active in the fur trade

II. Relations with colonists
a. Dependency on colonists
i. Began using firearms and metal tools ii. Built homes out of logs iii. Participated in commercial economy iv. Received clothing b. Colonial power conflicts

i. Iroquois Five Nations vs. French and Indian allies (King William’s War) ii. 1701: Treaty of neutrality with France c. Had better relations with French than English

i. Sided with French in wars and occasionally traded ii. Traded with English III. Population decrease

a. European disease
i. 7 to 10...
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