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Topics: Colony, Colonialism, Black people Pages: 2 (782 words) Published: May 21, 2014
First of all, Chapter 7 provides me concepts of Subjectivity and Identity. Identity includes self-identity and social identity. It is from the personal and the social. It is an essence that can be signified through signs of taste, beliefs, attitudes and lifestyles. However, subjectivity a process that how we become a person and how we experience ourselves. Baker highlight the language and identity in Chapter 7, he argues that language is a way to express and speaking about persons. “Language has important consequences for understanding the self and identity (Baker, P229).”

Secondly, in the article of Jean-Paul Sartre, ‘Colonialism Is A System’, this article is written in the Algerian war, very detailed analysis was carried out on the colonial economy, she is in favor of Marx colonialism, Sartre pointed out that the differences of perspectives and needs of the third world. The discovery of the 15th and 16th centuries has opened the prologue of modern colonial expansion, at the same time the produce of colonialism. There is an interesting point that Sartre points out is “Now the total revenue of Algeria is 300 billion. Educational reform can only be achieved by an industrialized Algeria, which has at least trebled its income. But the colonial system, as we have seen, is opposed to industrialization (Sartre, P138).” As we can see, Colonialism is largely hindered the development of the colonies, it lets the colonists tortured, it hinder economic development of colony. Thirdly, Dereck Walcott describes the political repression of the Caribbean, he mentions the contribution of black American culture or civilization is absurd. The ex - colonial world have no choice to imitate the major powers, including their political system and way of life, art, language and philosophy. Colonial experience tells them to reject revolution. The origin of the new creation and invention replaces the traditional, new invention and creation is all derived from imitation. He also...
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