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Political Cartoon Map
Part 1:
Select one image and write at least three observations to support each decoding category. Write your observations in complete sentences, using proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. Choice A: "Putting His Foot Down, 1899"

Public Domain
Choice B: Imperialism in China, 1890’s

Public Domain
Indicate Your Selection:

Choice A or Choice B: ___B_______


Five people (represents five nations) is cutting up a pie called Chine (China). Germany, U.K., Russia and Japan already have their knives or hand on the pie, France has his eyes on it as well. A stereotypical Qing official throws up his hands to try and stop them, but is powerless.  

The woman on the left represents Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. The man wearing a helmet represents William II of Germany.
The man wearing green coat represents Nicholas II of Russia. The man wearing red, white and blue striped shirt represents French Marianne. The man on the right represents Meiji Emperor of Japan.
Behind all of them is a stereotypical Qing official.

 Expressions/ Body Language:
The Qing official is alarmed, and frustrating but could not do anything about it. Those holding the knives ignored the Chinese.
Germany and United Kingdom is arguing over a piece of China.

Text/Titles/Direct Statements:
The title is “Imperialism in China”, the cartoon uses symbolism to reflect author’s opinion on imperialism. In which the pie symbolized China, and the five people symbolized five nations that are dividing China.   

This cartoon is meant to be a figurative representation of the Imperialist tendencies of these nations towards China during the decade. Those holding the knives and cutting up the pie called China represent the British Empire, Russia, Japan, and Germany. The alarmed man in the background, ignored by all of them, represents the Chinese.

Part 2:
In the left column, record at...
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