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Topics: First Opium War, China, British Empire Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: January 4, 2015
#35—Crash Course World History-- Imperialism
1. When last we checked in, China was a thriving manufacturing power about to be overtaken by Europe but still heavily involved in __________ __________, especially as an importer of silver from the Spanish Empire. Europeans had to use ___________ because they didn’t really produce anything else the Chinese wanted. 2. But then Europeans, especially the British, found something that the Chinese would buy: __________. 3. By the 1830s British free trade policy unleashed a flood of opium in China, which threatened China’s _______________ _______________ ____ _____________. 4. Commissioner Lin Zexu drafted a response that contained a memorable threat to cut off trade in “Rhubarb, ________ _______ _________… all valuable products of ours, without which foreigners could not live.” 5. So the Chinese made like ________ _____________, confiscating a bunch of British opium and chucking it into the ________. 6. The Treaty of Nanjing, stated that Britain got Hong Kong and five other treaty ports, as well as the equivalent of _________________ in cash. Also, the Chinese basically gave up all sovereignty to European “___________ ____ ______________,” wherein Europeans were subject to their laws, not Chinese laws. 7. You might think the result of this war would be a shift in the ______________ _____ _________ in Britain’s favor, but that wasn’t immediately the case. 8. In fact, the British were importing so much _______ from China that the trade deficit actually _________ more than $30 billion. 9. But eventually, after another war (and one of the most destructive civil rebellions in Chinese and possibly world history, the Taiping Rebellion) the situation was _______________ and Europeans, especially the British became the dominant _________________ ___________ in China. 10. Europeans had been involved in Africa since the 16th century when the Portuguese used their _____________ to take control of cities on coasts to set up...
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