Aftermath of the French and Indian War

Topics: United Kingdom, British Empire, Colonialism Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Debate: aftermath of the French and Indian War

Should a country hold its colonies responsible for their own mistakes and lack of good judgment? The answer to this question is no. When a country's leader makes poor decisions that affect the welfare of its country's citizens, the government should take full responsibility for their mistakes; especially when the government is a monarchy and not a democracy where the people have a say in political controversies.

From the mid 1750s through the early 1760s Great Britain involved themselves in a costly war with the French that allowed the British to acquire vast amounts of new territory yet left its economy in financial disaster. the British spent large amounts of money to supply its army and navy with necessary equipment that would help them to conquer the French. this costly war left England struggling to find ways to pay off large amounts of war debt. instead of finding other means to pay of its debt, the british decided to levy taxes upon the American colonies, and to move troops into the colonies to monitor the colonists actions. These new laws and changes caused increased and understandable tension among the colonists. The Colonist were accustomed to a society in which the British let the colonists regulate its own government and land. The Colonies had every right to be outraged with Parliaments new laws and taxes.

There are several cases in colonial history where the British unfairly used their power to tax its Colonies. The Stamp Act of 1765 was established after the French and Indian War to help the British pay for war damages and debts acquired during the war. The Stamp Act placed a tax on all printed material in the colonies. This act aroused a large amount of protest from the colonist who felt it was unfair for Britain to issue taxes upon the colonists especially since the colonist had no representation in Parliament. A country should not be allowed to levy taxes upon its colonies, especially...
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