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Topics: Africa, Colonialism, Indigenous peoples Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: March 22, 2014
How Did Colonialism Affect Kenya?
Colonialism occurs, by definition, when one nation takes control of another. The Scramble for Africa, initiated by the Berlin Conference in 1884-5, left the African continent under European control. The European’s urged the “pacification” of the particular African territories they each occupied. Kenya became a colony of Britain. There were different opinions on the “Pink Cheeked” men whom entered the indigenous Kenyan’s homelands. Some were hostile, others were grateful. The British began to colonize Kenya and introduce their traditions and religion. This affected Kenya politically, religiously, and economically. Before the colonization of Kenya in the 1880s, there was no government system. When the British settled and began to “pacify” the colonies, they set up a “policy known as ‘indirect rule’”, as stated in Document D. They also set up a system of taxes. Document E reveals that a white man came to speak to Kenyans: “He sat in our midst and told us of the king of the Pink Cheeks, who was a great king and lived in a land over the seas.” The Kenyan peoples did not know of the ‘great king’ and his apparent ownership of them and their land. Document F informs us that “most Africans wound up accepting authority of the colonial state.” Many Africans who inhabited Kenya were very grateful and accepting of the new government that the British supplied. It helped to solve criminal cases involving Africans and abolished slavery. The colonialism of Kenya also had a religious effect within the tribes. Kenya had its own religion and beliefs before the British brought Christianity. They believed in multiple gods, for example Earth goddess, who they would pray to and ask for specific needs. They also received advice from an oracle. No matter what the oracle said, the Africans would obey. They also believed that their gods called the men to be warriors and fight and the women to do most of the family work. Despite this,...
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