Topics: Philippines, Colonialism, Death Penalty Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: August 15, 2013
“AMIGO” While I’am watching the movie “AMIGO” .. the first thought that comes on my mind is… What if one day I woke up and found myself living with them , fighting for freedom with them? Will I survive? Now I’m thinking about it, Im sure of myself I woudn’t last long even a day.. They’re very brave fighting against the colonizers for their/our rights and for their/our freedom compared to me scared of everything. When I finally know the personality of Rafael Dacanay I’m so amazed by him. How he put his own life in danger just to protect his people. He has been tortured by pouring gallons of water in his mouth forcing him to show the hideout of the rebeled… the group that fight against the colonizers.. He said nothing about where the rebeled is hiding but when American threatened him that they will kill his wife.. he had no choice. When they’re on the woods, Rafael tried to trick the Americans by showing a fake hideout and said that maybe they weren’t there at that time. The Americans get angry and tied him.. When they are on they’re way back to the barrio .. they were ambushed by the rebeled that killed some of the Americans.. At first I thought that the rebeled will save Rafael Dacanay for his execution but it’s not.. It also makes me angry to the American who execute Rafael.., why they have to shoot Rafael who is already hanged.. I’m very inspired by Rafael Dacanay not just because of how he took good care the safety of his people but also how he is being loyal to his ally especially to his country/ our country.. the Philippines.. He is a Hero. For the Filipino people/civilians .. I feel so sory for them .. for being killed bec. Of nothing.. It also feels liked my heart has been ripped out when I saw the little girl died.. And the rebeled who did a lot of sacrifices.. Sacrifices that free us from colonialism.. I admire...
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