an adverse effect on moral standards

Topics: Mass media, Sociology, Internet Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: October 2, 2013
 An adverse effect on moral standards

News papers, magazines television, and the Internet, also caleed the mass media, play an important role in society since they provide people with information, education and entertainment. Nontheless, I strongly belive that in the last years these mass media have abused their position of power creating an adverse effect on moral standards, due to the explicit language and the images of sex and violence which the viewer is bombard with.

To begin with, there has been a serious decline in moral standards in television. There are a lot of coarse programs which show vulgar characters. Similarly, the news informs us showing images of desperation, grief, misery, and death. It is clear that by watching such graphic images, we have become immune to shocking behaviour and events whichwe would have been upset or offended us in the past. In addition, parents must be preoccupied about their children’s access to the Internet since pictures or videos of celebrities’ most private affairs, pornographic scenes, or horrific scenes of death can be seen at any time.

Nonetheless, it must be admitted that the mass media have a lot to offer in the area of education. The news and documentaries, as well as the Internet, can give us useful and educational information if the material is handled in a responsible manner. What is more, modern society have benefited greatly from the mass media to expedite the growing trend towards globalization and universal development. All in all, I strongly believe that the mass media have totally abused its position of power which have resulted in a seriious decline in ethics. They need to be changed before we forget our principles, which would be lamentable.
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