Analyze the Policies of Three European Colonial Powers Regarding Africa Between 1871 and 1914

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Q 3: Analyze the policies of three European colonial powers regarding Africa between 1871 and 1914.

In the 1880’s the New Imperialism era began, which was when the nations of Europe began an expansion into Africa. The New Imperialism era occurred because of breakthroughs in technology and because of the search for profits that encouraged the Europeans to conquer lands outside of their European borders. Three main European colonial powers during the fight for Africa were Belgium, Great Britain, and France. All three wanted to gain access to Africa’s resources as well as their trading systems. The policies of these three European colonial powers were driving forces of the outreach into Africa between 1871 and 1914 due to their own desire to expand their boundaries for economic, political, and social reasons by using direct force. Economically, colonial powers were causing issues as well as health problems for the natives due to famine and ill treatment. Politically, this was causing rebellious out breaks as well as devastating wars and the population decreased due to conditions or expectations of the people. This caused laws to be passed to help set up the standards for establishing a colony. Socially, many were taking advantage of the natives and forcing harsh labor and burdens upon them and policies regarding the establishing colonies in Africa were questioned. Europeans colonized Africa and Asia by using military force to take control of local governments, exploiting local economies for raw materials required by Europe’s growing industry and imposing Western values to benefit the “backwards” colonies.
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