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Topics: Colonialism, Imperialism, Capitalism Pages: 8 (858 words) Published: March 11, 2014
Anthropology 2A
Concepts & Terms
Final Exam
Macro & Local Levels of Social Analysis

- Scientific Racism
- Unilinear Social Evolutionism
- Social Darwinism


Imperialism & the Postcolonial World

3 Waves of European Colonial
Expansion (& Japan)

Intervention Philosophies

Profit and the Colonies
Power & Representations
Slave Trade

Capitalist World System
- Core, Semiperiphery, Periphery

Colonial Strategies of Accessing Labor

-also relevant material in Chap 5, Mirror for

Local Impacts of Colonialism


Disease, Depopulation and Imperialism

Capitalism on the Periphery

American Indians and Disease

Routinization of Production & Taylorism

Herero Revolt

Multi-National Corporations


Free Trade Zones (FTZ)

The “Frontier”



Capitalist Discipline

Indian Removal Act of 1830

Anthropological Perspectives on "the Political"

Land Tenure
- Privatization of Land v. Corporate Land

Docile Bodies

Alienable and Inalienable
The Mahele
Kampung (Village)
Rubber Production in the Belgian Congo
Phosphate Mining on Nauru
Anthropological Theory & Colonialism

Rural Malay Gender Constructions


Gender & Authority in Village Homes

Applied Anthropology

Female Threats to Male Spiritual Purity


Dangerous Places


Spirits (Hantu)

Cultural Imperialism

Stages of Woman’s Life

Indigenizing Popular Culture



Time in the Kampung vs the Factory

Postmodernism in Anthropology

Tyranny of the Clock

Medical Discourse & Gender

Fractured Day

Science’s Use of Metaphors for Egg & Sperm

Education, Work
- Differences between Sons and Daughters

Constructions of Spermatogenesis & Oogenesis
The Data: Egg & Sperm Production

Changes in Authority in the Village
The Data: Fertilization
Micro-Chip Factories in the FTZ
- Attracting a Young Female Workforce
- Reproduction of Patriarchy in the Factory
- Unlimited Production Demands

The A Priori and Interpretation of Data

Discipline in the Factory v. the Kampung

Cult of Invalidism

Worker Responses to Stress

Research and Economic Cycles
- PMS & Menstruation

Spirit Possessions on the Shop Floor
Bio-Politics (Bio-Power)
- Constructions of Female Bodies

Menstruation in Cross Cultural Perspective
- Ivory Coast
- Yurok

Biological Determinism

Discipline in Work Place

Public Perceptions of Female Factory Workers

Discipline in the Home


PMS & Gender Roles

Spirit Possession as Resistance

PMS: Flaws of Women or of Society?


Spirit Possession and PMS as Resistance

Public Transcript & Hidden Transript
- See relevant material in Chap 6

ATH 2A: Things to Think About for the Final


Discuss two different ways used by colonial powers to direct and control the labor of colonized peoples other than direct coercive methods such as slavery. In other words, how did British, German, and other colonial administrations in the 19th and 20th centuries get conquered peoples to work for them in ways short of direct use of force?


Discuss how the cultural ordering of space implicit in the concept of the “frontier” made acts of genocide against Native Americans conceivable.


Anthropological theory first emerged in the context of Western European colonialism. Give specific examples indicating how anthropological theory in the 19th and 20th centuries legitimated or disguised colonialism.


What kinds of shifts in global production have occurred in the Capitalist World System over the past few decades, what factors have been behind these shifts, and how have both large corporations in the world’s industrial centers and less industrialized nations like Malaysia...
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