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Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Colonialism, Slavery Pages: 33 (9656 words) Published: September 11, 2013

Hello and welcome to the exciting world that is Advanced Placement United States History. You are now a member of an elite group: students who dare to take on an exceptionally challenging course. The risks are great, but then so are the potential gains. We will take on this challenge together and when you are done, you will be justifiably proud of yourself. This course is a one-year class designed to allow the student a head start on college level work, improve writing skills, sharpen problem solving techniques, and develop study habits necessary for rigorous course work. This course is equivalent to a one semester introductory (freshman) level college U.S. history. This summer’s assignment comes as a result of the time constraints placed on us all in covering the immense content in APUSH over nine months. To allow for more an in depth study of the various periods of American History, it is necessary to cover the first 350 years of history during the summer, individually, with some exceptionally readable non-fiction histories. You will be tested over the material covered in American Colonies when you return to school in August. The assigned reading is:

• Taylor, Alan, " American Colonies: The Settling of North America", Part I Encounters: CH 1-5 pp. 3-113, Part II Colonies: CH 6-12, pp. 117-272, and Part III Empires: CH 13 - 19 pp. 275 – 480.

THE “AMERICAN COLONIES” BOOK SHOULD BE PICKED UP FROM MY CLASSROOM (#20) BY WEDNESDAY, MAY 19TH. THE COST OF THE BOOK WILL BE BILLED TO YOU. Read the book carefully. As you read, follow the instructions for the book analysis on pages 3-7 of this document. AMERICAN COLONIES: THE SETTLING OF NORTH AMERICA

Alan Taylor
As you read, you will take notes of crucial information to be described below. You are encouraged to highlight and/or underline key passages in the book and to annotate the text for your future reference. The first unit that we will investigate in the fall semester is about the American Colonies. This corresponds to Chapters 1 - 6 in the textbook, Out of Many. You will find this book, American Colonies, by Alan Taylor, a helpful supplement to the textbook. And, as you study the textbook in the fall semester, you will identify some conflicting ideas regarding the historical significance of some events. This can serve as food for, and illustrations of, the thought processes that will help you to be successful in your study of this course.

As you read Part II, identify and take notes about the following information for each colony and colonial group:

• The name of the colony
• The founding country
• The date on which it was founded
• The name(s) of the founder(s)
• Why it was founded
• The type of colony it was (royal, proprietary, etc.)
• Difficulties after founding: both in the short- and long-term. This includes conflicts within the colony as well as outside of the colony. • Any changes in type (self-rule to royal, etc.)

Also, as you read, write down any words that you do not know and, periodically, look up their definitions or meanings in a dictionary. A successful AP US History student will always have a good collegiate dictionary at his/her disposal. During thesecond week of school you will be tested on this material.

Focus Questions: As you read, consider the following focus questions to help guide your reading. In thinking about colonial development, consider the political, economic, and social structure of each colonial region. Further, consider the factors that influenced the relations with the Native Americans in each colonial region.

1. How did religion shape the development of the New England colonies?

2. What role did geography and tobacco play in the development of the Chesapeake?

3. Analyze and compare and contrast family life in New England. Pay attention to the role of women.

4. Why did the first major slave rebellion, the...
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