Ap Us History, Chapter 2, Amsco

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In what ways did the English colonies develop differently from the Spanish and French colonies?

When thinking of different colonies from United States history, the first one that comes to mind is the English colony, in which it was a colony that had an already established abundance of riches, knowledge, and experience. Why is this so? What was so different about English colonies that made them develop differently? All in all, in what ways did the English colonies develop differently from the Spanish and French colonies? English colonies are highly regarded in American and foreign history, there are proven facts, secrets, et cetera as to why they developed differently, that are still being studied and determined today. No matter how many discussions, studies, lectures, et cetera, there are on English colony development, it will always play a big role in the history of the United States.

It is known from many study resources that English colonies generally developed faster in many aspects such as economy, social, and political buy why? Could it have been that they were forceful with the natives of America in order to get what they wanted? Could it have been because they already were established in their home country and bought their methods over here? Unfortunately, the first reason is right. When English colonist first settled in America, they were humble, kind, and pleasant with the natives. They tried to learn their ways of hunting, taking shelter, gathering, eating, et cetera. Many times they would even help the natives develop new ways of doing things. The English colonies and the natives of America sort of established a friendship in which they can share ideas on anything and still develop properly. As time grew though, things become more hostile. English colonies wanted more power, population, and prosperity. They felt as though they should keep growing in order to take over this new world. For the natives of America,...
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