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AP World History Chapter 17- American Colonial Societies Name: ___________ Study Guide
Short Answer Questions: Like “Big Pictures” Questions
1. What role did religion play in European settlement of the Americas? (Be specific as to Spanish, Portuguese, French, and British uses of Christianity as a tool of colonization.) 2. The chapter describes several different types of forced labor practices. Describe each practice and explain why each one was preferred in different locations. 3. Compare and contrast the different colonial regions established in British North America. In what ways were they similar or different? 4. How did European market demand for natural resources and forest products affect the relationship of Amerindian peoples with each other and with their environment?

Section 1: The Columbian Exchange
1. How did disease affect the Amerindian peoples during the early colonial period?

2. What was the most deadly of the epidemics in the Americas?

3. How did New World food revolutionize Old World agriculture?

4. What impact did the horse have on the Americas?

5. By the end of the sixteenth century, what country occupied most of the Brazilian coast?

7. How were Amerindian religious beliefs viewed by colonists?

8. The Council of the Indies was created for what purpose?

Section 2: Spanish America & Brazil
9. Why did the highest-ranking Spanish officials in the colonies enjoy broad power?

10. The Viceroyalty of New Spain in 1535 encompassed what areas?

11. The most important agent for transmitting European beliefs, language, and culture in Spanish America and Brazil was what?

12. The most influential defender of Amerindians in the early colonial period was who?

13. Which of the following became the richest institution of the Spanish colonies?

14. The economic development of the colonies in Mexico and Peru was dominated by who?

15. What is an encomienda?

16. The forced...
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