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Topics: United States, Colonialism, Americas Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: September 5, 2013
Nick Christian
Summer Essay
Prompt B

The English and Spanish colonies in the 1700’s in what is now the present US were vastly different in many ways both in politics and in economic development. Also their motivations to migrate to the Americas differed, as the Spanish came to conquer and claim more land for themselves. The English came to America in search of a place to evade Brittan and begin their own colony. The English colony based off their circumstances would be a more viable as a choice as a colony to thrive rather than Spain because politically they have nowhere else to go. Spain on the other hand inhabits the southeast because the conquered for it they have ships to sail back to Spain if things don’t work out. Both colonies made their money differently from one another with some short-term plans and some long term.

Politically the English and Spanish were vastly different when it comes to the way their governments were motivated and ran. The Spanish inhabited southwest America not due to fleeing but to further expand the Spanish empire. Like stated in the thesis the English moved to the New England area to escape from the king and start their own civilization. Within the new colonies there were different loyalties involved state by state. Some used popular vote to elect their officials and others still used the same methods of parliament used back in the country of England. The Spanish used their method of ruling with an iron fist to control their government. An example would be each group controlled their workers. The Spanish forced the Native Americans to do all their work for them as they traveled along the southern states. The English bought their slaves from Africa not using the people that were there because of the disease they could be carrying. The Spanish monarchy did not put much into the conquest but they pushed to make sure to get their share of the riches from the conquistadores, “eager to bite off their share of...
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