Attentional Blink

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The Attentional Blink Experiment aims to determine the capability of an individual to recognize both the targets given that he or she is subjected to rapidly changing stimuli. Moreover, the theory states that after the detection of the first target in a rapid stream of visual stimuli, the second target is missed (Niewenstain, Potter, & Theeuwes, 2009). Hence, the experiment means to prove whether attentional blink is present in the experiment and if the theory is correct.

Furthermore, the suggested hypothesis for this experiment is that the higher separation of the two targets with each other will increase the probability of discriminating and reporting the second target with respect to the first.

In addition, the experiment was conducted inside the ergonomics laboratory at the Science and Technology research building on February 5, 2013 using the Wadsworth Coglab program application. It was done at only one site to ensure the consistency of the environment. Also, each test consisted of 100 trials.


Attentional blink is present between targets of short separation.


1. Aims to confirm the presence of attention blink in the different subjects. 2. Aims to show that the percentage reported for the 2nd target increases as the separation of the two targets increases through the use of statistical analysis. 3. To identify improvements for the report of the second target in the stimulus presentation, assuming the theory is correct.


A. Selection of Subjects

The minimum required subjects was fifteen subjects which consists of the students of the present Ergcog2 laboratory class, and they were asked to answer the attention blink experiment honestly. The group decided to add additional of 10 subjects outside of DLSU with the same conditions given to the first fifteen subjects in the class. This was done for the reason that more data leads to more consistent and less biased results. There was no particular reason nor criteria used in choosing the subjects. They were chosen out of convenience. Apparently, the subjects chosen were composed of both male and female and all subjects were in between the ages of 18-22 years old.

B. Experiment Proper

1. Fifteen subjects (from the class) and ten subjects (outside DLSU) were chosen to answer the experiment on attention blink. They were chosen using convenience sampling distribution.

2. There are two trials in this experiment and the group considered this factor. Trial 1: Subjects took the experiment without being distracted. Trial 2: Subjects took the experiment while being disturbed during the whole experimental period. Subjects were having simultaneous conversation during the whole experiment.

3. The software is activated. Pressing the spacebar indicates the start of the first trial where a sequence of letters appears. Each letter in the sequence is only flashed for 100 milliseconds.

4. The task of the subjects is to determine if letter J, letter K, or both letters were flashed in each sequence.

5. The subject presses the “J” and “K” keys to indicate that the letters “J” and “K” were flashed in the sequence respectively. The subject can also press both “J” and “K” keys if he/she believes that both letters were flashed.

6. The keys that were pressed by the subjects are flashed immediately in the screen for the subjects to be able to check whether the software was able to receive the information correctly or not.

7. Space bar is pressed by the subject to proceed to the next trial.

8. After the 100 trials, a window appears which shows the graphical result of the test that was done by the subject. The graph shows the rate of how the subjects were able to detect the targets due to how the targets were separated.

9. The results were analysed and conclusions and recommendations were made at the end of the experiment.

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