British Colonization in Kenya

Topics: Colonialism, British Empire, Africa Pages: 3 (1131 words) Published: January 11, 2013
From around 1870 to the first World War (1914), a wave of new imperialism was brought upon the world. Imperialism was not a generally new event to the world, it had been going on for centuries before that. Imperialism is basically when a policy seeking to extend its territories targets a specific nation, and takes it over, the country being much weaker than the colonizer. Between New Imperialism and Old Imperialism, there are many characteristics which differed them apart, such as the number of powers that competed and that New Imperialism was agreed to be the final time of expansion. However, there was one thing they both had in common, that being; Europes hunger for expansion, always fighting over who will gain what, and racing to conquer the most territory. It all started when Europe all at once realized the potential for Africa. Africa is sometimes thought to have been where everything began, where the first people on earth had lived. Filled with millions of miles of virgin land, this large gem could not have stayed hidden from the world for too long. Realizing the extreme weakness the natives had, it was easy to take over, and it literally was viewed as “up for grabs” since it had no real defense. Britain took over its share of East Africa, being modern-day Kenya, and called it British East Africa. Although slavery had recently been banned, the British still had no respect for the black native people, and oftentimes treated them very poorly. The British colonization in Kenya simply destroyed the native peoples economy and culture, but left Kenya a much more modernized country

During the late nineteenth century, European nations including Britain became quite interested in the potential of East Africa. After missionaries, hunters, traders, scientists and travelers visited and met with the people of this vast land, their reports they brought back with them were astonishing. According to them, East Africa was not very rich in natural resources, but it did...
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