Business Communication

Topics: Communication, Brand management, Writing Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: January 20, 2015
Note: All questions are compulsory.
Q1. What is Communication? State its objectives?
Q2. Write short notes on following:
(4 * 5 = 20)
(A)Principle of effective Communication
(B)Barriers in Listening
(C)Types of Interviews
Q3. What is non-verbal communication? What are functions of non- verbal communication?
Q4.What is Meeting? Explain the essential elements of valid meeting (10)
Q5. Case Study Systematic analysis & logical reasoning will be given due weightage.


Marketing and Communication Strategy of Titan Industries' Watch Division In October 2004, Titan Industries Ltd. (TIL), a leading manufacturer and marketer of watches, jewelry, eye wear, and other lifestyle products, appointed Aamir Khan (Aamir) as the brand ambassador for its Titan range of watches.Bijou Kurien (Kurien), Chief Operating Officer (Watches), TIL, said, "There is a perfect fit between Aamir and Titan -- their stature, timelessness, and the love and trust they both share with the people, both nationally and internationally, makes this an ideal partnership. Moreover, Aamir has a universal appeal that extends to everyone, across age groups, just as our watches do."


The Institute reserves the right to conduct a separate Viva exam on telephone, as a part of the student's exam in case the Subject Lecturer recommends it in any particular student’s case.

With the celebrity endorsement, TIL hoped to promote the latest trends in the industry. The idea was to make watches that would be seen as style and fashion accessories rather than just utilitarian devices. The company decided to use Aamir in brand and product communication on television and in the print and outdoor media.

Though the vast distribution and service network of TIL had served as an effective entry barrier in the 1990s, foreign brands were...
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