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Adorable Pet Photography

Adorable Pet Photography (APP) is a sole proprietorship company that promises to capture memorable pet pictures for their clients. I have chosen APP from the Business Plan Pro software’s sample database to consider it for investment purposes. The following evaluation will explain my intent to invest in APP based on the overall writing of the business plan, feasibility of the plan, and the competencies needed by the entrepreneur to be successful. Writing Evaluation

Adorable Pet Photography’s business plan is overall well written. The entrepreneur has adequately portrayed the company’s goals, how he intends to meet those goals, qualifications, and assets. The plan is written in a well-organized manner that is easy to follow. He has also successfully told his story of the vision he has for this business. After all, a good business plan presents a good story of what the entrepreneur sees for the future of his/her business (Zimmerer, Scarborough, and Wilson 2008). The entrepreneur has taken time to highlight past successes and how he will use those experiences to create a unique and successful pet photography business. All of the financial aspects of the plan seem to be well thought out and adequately researched. He has provided plenty of data to back up his projected income and costs in relation to a feasible timeline of growth. Also included in the plan are potential threats to the business and how he intends to deal with and overcome them should they arise. The plan has successfully fulfilled the technical needs of any third party investor while still showing the authors passion for the service he sells. Feasibility

Adorable Pet Photography’s business plan states that the owner will be the head photographer and will require one assistant. The plan requires little overhead as the business is home based and the founder already owns his own equipment.

The owner is...
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