Caribbean Essay

Topics: Colonialism, Slavery, Caribbean Pages: 4 (1345 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Shaping Caribbean Identity
Every Caribbean island has their own history that makes them unique such as; national language. The Caribbean experience is shaped by various factors that in turn promote their identities positively. Slavery impacted colonization, emancipation, religion and oral tradition which shape Caribbean identity. From history, the Caribbean has established a strong identity which sets them apart from other nationalities. All islands are different; when their traditions come together it gives a sense of liveliness to the atmosphere. It gives individuals the desire to want to travel to the Caribbean and experience its premises. Colonization is an important aspect that shapes Caribbean identity mainly because during this time Europe was looking to expand its premises. Britain, France and the Dutch were taking different countries and developing them. For example, Haiti was a colony of France. Even when the colonies became independent they took on certain characteristics that they inhibited from when they were under colonial rule. “The English left their mark on Barbados, the French on Martinque, the Dutch on Surinam, the Spanish on Cuba” (Lewis, 1983, p.3). Although colonization has been abolished and each Caribbean island is independent they are left with the influence of their colonizer such as language. Colonization is essential in shaping the Caribbean identity because “the new world thus became, as it were, a tabula rasa on which the European colonizers, as the new master class, put their imprint as they wished” (Lewis, 1983, p.4). The colonizing powers influenced the countries they colonized by leaving their own characteristics with the countries. For example, France left their language of French with Haiti. The colonizing power extracted certain goods from the countries they colonized as a means of creating wealth for themselves and giving credit to the place where the material came from. By the colonizing power doing so it provided wealth...
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