Caribbean Identity

Topics: Culture, Plantation, The Culture Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: November 15, 2011
Discuss the view that a ‘Caribbean identity’ is more clearly evident among Caribbean nationals who meet outside the region than it is among nationals in the Caribbean itself.

Culture is the way of life of members of a society. The collection of ideas and habits which they learn, share and transmit from generation to generation. It is a simple way of deducing an individual’s origin. Culture is dynamic (ever changing) and is passed through the generations. Caribbean identity refers to the cultures or characteristics that identify or define the Caribbean and its people.

The historical Caribbean describes the area that saw the impact of European colonization, slavery, indentureship and plantation system. Due to the history and experience of those in the Caribbean certain cultures were manifested. Though interlinked, they are still actually varied across the islands. There are many things that are often associated with the people such as the foods, music, Carnival, ‘liming’ or dropping on friends anytime, expressiveness of the people and even he hospitality or friendliness of the general people. Because of the fact that the culture of Caribbean seems to be so to be the norm to the locals and it’s so widespread it just appears to be their way of living from day to day and is then taken for granted. As of such, Caribbean nationals in the Caribbean tend to find themselves moving toward cultures of the outer world thanks to influences via various media especially on youths. This is also how the culture would tend to change over time hence culture being dynamic.

In foreign countries however, what was once the generalized accepted culture becomes a subculture and now is not as abundant – maybe even unheard of. I am of the believe therefore that Caribbean Nationals who migrate be it work, school, family or any other reason are more patriotic per say than those back in the Caribbean as being away from their homeland makes them homesick.

Due to the relocation or new...
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