Caribbean Literature

Topics: Jamaica, Caribbean, Caribbean Sea Pages: 2 (360 words) Published: April 25, 2012
Ashley Hamlet
Women and Gender in Caribbean History
Dr. Kathleen Phillips Lewis
Research Prospectus
March 1, 2012

Based on different readings and lived experiences, the one question that always aroused is what effect do Caribbean women have on knowledge construction and ideas dispersed? The purpose of this research is to demonstrate the intellectual culture among Caribbean women. In addition to displaying their cultures, this research looks to clarify and bring to the surface the lifestyle that Caribbean women have faced, is facing and have taken into their own account to write and speak about. This research also includes the Caribbean’s women perspectives on social circumstances, economics, colonialism and the history that either them or their ancestors endured. This research paper explains the intentions of the research topic, which is to investigate and indicate some of the challenges and problems through which Caribbean women have encountered. What defines this project and really made it interesting is the ideology that unless a Caribbean woman has transformed herself into what the colonized wanted, then she has no intellectual culture. It is a topic in which one can entirely study to gain knowledge of how Caribbean women had their own consciousness before they were colonized. The desires to understand how Caribbean women were able to stay strong and keep their beliefs despite of the world that they knew. Also, for those that did assimilate to the world that stood before them, was it hard for them to regain their mindset and their way of life? These are questions that aroused in hopes to carefully and adequately the minds of Caribbean women to completely recognize their transformation. The impression that this research is expected to portray is to enlighten individuals to rethink their understanding of not only the women in the Caribbean but also the Caribbean itself. The comprehension about these women was constructed, deconstructed and then...
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