Christianity and Indigenous Communities

Topics: God, Religion, Indigenous peoples Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: February 1, 2014
The question about Christianity and its full acceptance into Indigenous communities continues to linger on a fine line of whether Indigenous communities came to a consensus of compromising with the new religion or simply eradicating it by refusing to leave behind their traditional ways of believing and creating “spiritual” consciousness. Some scholars such as, Kevin Terraciano, in his chapter, “The People of Two Hearts and the One God from Castile,” argue that Christianity was not only rejected by acts of continuing Indigenous religious practices, but also mocked because it was thought to be a lie and inferior to the Indigenous people in Yanhuitlan and Coatlan; this new religion did not coincide with theirs . On the other hand, in her book, Biography of A Mexican Crucifx, Jennifer Hughes comes to conclude that Indigenous communities accepted Christianity through their own modes of seeing parallel paradigms of their life with the life of religious images such as the Cristo Aparecido from Totolapan. They came to see this image as a representation of their suffering , their colonial journey and their need for finding religious meaning in a newly evangelized land. In Terraciano's, Two Peoples Heart, he subversively implies that Christianity was based on the idea that there had to exist some type of religious unity based on Catholicism. From this point, Indigenous population have been victims of racism, discrimination, disregard for their beliefs, uprooting and political marginalization. As Terraciano points out, in this process of “spiritual” conquest, domination can occur occur through methods of interrogation and punishment if found guilty, which was clearly the case during the Spanish Inquisition during the 16th century. Native lords were confronted both by friars, Dominicans and Spanish for their supposed allegiance to practicing “paganism,” and encouraging Indigenous communities to continue their reverence and offerings to their many “gods,”...
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