Civil Liability

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 Civil Liability

Civil Liability can be a problem for almost everyone in ever day life. Civil Liability impacts police officer ever day in their lives and at work. It can be defined as a citizen’s responsibility to each other and provided law suits to recover damages for injured caused by failing to carry out these responsibilities. It also very well can impact more than only police officers but anyone put in the situation to deal with the rights of people. Police Officers must always be aware of situations around them and because the world is constantly changing so must an officers training. They must constantly be trained and improving their skills to lessen the risk of civil liability. A supervisor should always make sure their officers are trained enough and be satisfied they are to put them out in to their daily work to avoid being sued. Being a police officer is clearly not always a safe job. On the other hand it is not just police officers who are affected by civil liability. Practically anyone can be brought to the point of being sued for civil liability. For example a company owner should take great responsibility in making sure all of the things he can do to prevent injuries to his employees are taking. There are two main types of claims that are typically filed a tort claim and a civil rights claim.

Tort Law claims are basically know as a wrong doing. It is a civil law suit in which actions are brought to protect an individual’s private rights and say that they are harmed by someone else’s fault or wrongdoing. These law suits are typically settled for money, very large amounts as well. Hundreds to thousands of cases are dealing with a tort law claim.

An example of this is a case called Montgomery County Products Liability Case which a man became injured by a steel-cutting machine he was operating. The man working on the machine accidentally got the sleeve of his left arm caught in...
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