Colonial Assembly Speech: Europe’s Relationship with Natives

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Jonathan Singmaster
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Colonial Assembly Speech
For a More Perfect Relation
Gentlemen of the Colonial Assembly, it has come to the attention of the Virginia Assembly that the treatment and of the Native people and destruction of their home has left Europe’s relationship with the Native unsavory. For the greater good of this country it is necessary to take action in repairing that relationship. So much blood shed on both sides over the many differences that define us have caused society in the new world to falter. It is necessary to cast aside the differences that divide the colonies from the Native people in order to strive to create an alliance with the natives and persuade them for peace. The devastation rebellion has caused the colonies to look weak and unable to defend itself. Through the actions of relocation, education and representation, and possible militarization as an extra precaution can the colonies build better relations with the Native people.

The first step towards a better relationship is to relocate the Natives to a designated area suitable for their simple way of life with plenty of resources and where no harm will come of them, and no further uprising and revolts may erupt. An area that is out of the way of the colony’s further expansion. Along with their lush lands, the colonies should supply the Natives the means to learn our ways by building them schools, trading posts, and other businesses to catch up the Native’s technologies. This will allow our relationship to better develop and intertwine our communities. First and foremost we must thrive for peace before the colony's hold over the region becomes too much to handle and lose this land altogether. The first to explore this land come to this new country and wrote that when they first came to meet these Natives that at first meeting them they were afraid but eventually made gestures of peace and welcoming. John Smith, captain of one of the first to explore...
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