Colonial Influences of the Spaniards in the Philippines

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I. Introduction
Spain is known for its history of exploring and conquering lands during the Age of Exploration in 16th century. There were many undiscovered lands during those times and in search of the east countries of the world, Spain was able to discover the Philippine archipelago and colonize it. As an official colony of Spain, settlements were made by the Spanish natives and they were able to establish communities. They called the natives indios and converted their religion to Roman Catholic. They created political, economic and social systems in the archipelago that truly made a mark in the cultural evolution of the natives. As the Spaniards rule over the archipelago, they demonstrated practices of administering the colony to maintain their power. Within the long duration of colonizing the Philippines, Spanish influences are evident in the practices and way of life of the Filipinos in all aspects. Those influences gave an impact on the Filipino society from those times up to the present.

In line with the Spain’s conquest of lands, Mexico was also a colony of Spain and was actually the Crown colony. They were also demonstrated colonial practices by Spain. But Mexico has a distinct characteristic that made it different from the Philippines as Spain’s colony. Mexicans were able to acquire Spanish language fluency while Filipinos don’t. This is a big question because how come Mexico learned the language while it is just one of the colonies of Spain like the Philippines?

We will try to figure out the answers to the questions and also to present aspects of Spanish influence in the Philippines.

II. Statement of the Problem
This term paper is sought to find answers to the following questions: 1. Why are the Filipinos not as fluent as Mexicans in using the Spanish language? 2. What are the negative political practices of Spaniards that were acquired by the Filipino politicians and how do these affect the current political scenario in the country?

III. Body/ Content

The Reasons Why Filipinos are not as Fluent as Mexicans in Spanish Language
The main reason why the Filipinos were not fluent in using the Spanish language is because the Spaniards did not let every Filipino study the language so that they could be extinguished as Spanish aristocracies from the indios by exclusively using the language. Only the Spaniards and mestizo de españoles were allowed to study, hence only few were educated and able to learn the language. Although as we can observe there is still Spanish influence in our language (inevitable due to the very long Spanish occupation in the country) like “silya” (chair) and “alas diyes” (10 o’clock), but still we were not able to learn the real Spanish language. Those words were just formulated by the Filipinos because of frequent hearing from the Spaniards. Another thing is that most of the Spanish government who happened to be the Catholic Church was not supportive in educating the native indios with Spanish language because, as mentioned earlier, to be extinguished as aristocrats. They were not able to provide enough facilities and equipments for academic purposes and sometimes discourage teachers (Filipinos) in educating them. Unlike Spain’s other colony, Mexico, the Mexicans are very fluent in speaking Spanish due to being Spain’s Crown colony. The country was being subsidized more than the Philippines and formal education was made in every native Indians (later on were called Mexicans) without discrimination unlike in Philippine colony. During their first year of the conquest in Mexico, the task of the Spaniards was solely to impart on the ‘Indians’ the Christian doctrine and the Spanish language in order to civilize them. In 1523, two years...
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