Colonial Period

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APRIL 11, 2013

! ! During the early seventeenth to eighteenth century exploration and colonization were very prominent between the European countries. Columbus had discovered North America but went south and explored and colonized parts of what is now Mexico and South America. After Columbus many groups of Englishmen, Frenchmen, Germans, Scots, Irishmen and many others attempted to colonize and build a colony in the new world. but the force of geographic conditions peculiar to America and difficulty of maintaining old world ways in a raw, new continent caused significant changes. But the result was a new social pattern that resembled European culture in many ways had a distinct American character. ! ! The first shiploads of immigrants who came to what is now United States crossed the Atlantic more than a hundred years after the groups of explorers explored North America. During that time, Spanish colonies had been established in Mexico, the West Indies, and South America. These travelers to North America came in little overloaded ships. During their six- to twelve-week voyage, they lived with very little to eat. Many of the ships were lost in storms, many passengers died of disease, and infants rarely survived the journey. While sailing at times the storms would be so bad it would throw ships off course and it would take a long time to get back on track. Th travelers after enduring storms and sickness and even the death of their loved ones had a huge sigh of relief when the land of America was in sight. Their first glimpse of the new land was a forest of dense woods. ! When they began settling the land the travelers realized that this land was abundant with plenty of vegetation and animals for food. The sea was full of oysters and crabs, cod and lobster; and in the woods, there were turkeys and quail, squirrels,...
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