Colonial Self Rule

Topics: British Empire, French and Indian War, United States Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: October 10, 2012
From the outset, the English colonies population rapidly grew, along with the different kinds of people of diverse nationalities that had come from all over Europe for the freedom not offered in their homelands and for better opportunities. The colonists, however, were being ruled by a country an ocean away, and after years of development and flourishing under Britain’s rule, they were prepared both economically as well as politically to cut off British rule to gain the independence that would be theirs through rebellions, and eventually a revolution. Colonial self-rule, the Great Awakening, and the consequences of the French Indian War caused these English colonists to begin moving in the direction of declaring their independence. The colonies had experience with self-rule, and developed even more skills as time went along. The British let the colonies arrange their own governments to stimulate commerce among the colonies, and this would keep the colonies obedient to Britain. However, after years of self-control away from Britain, the colonists became accustomed to this freedom of governing themselves, and relied only on themselves, becoming more independent. The colonists did not have the same rights and privileges as Englishmen, and the ideas of separation from Britain began to heat up among the colonists. Britain began to tighten their control on the colonies, and this sparked rebellions, and eventually a revolution. America was their home; not Great Britain, and the colonists would soon fight for their well-deserved independence for their home land. The Great Awakening, occurring in the mid-eighteenth century, was what brought identity to the colonies through a widely spread religious revival. The Great Awakening helped prepare the colonists for a revolution through the vision they all shared of freedom, despite their different religious beliefs. The Great Awakening occurred at a time where questions arose about the role of man and his spiritual...
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