Colonialism and British Imperialism

Topics: Colonialism, Slavery, United Kingdom Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: October 6, 2013
 Imperialism in India
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According to this author, what are the benefits of imperialism to the colony? Imperialism profited the colony because the colonizers helped built a civilization, the progressive nations can establish schools and newspapers for the people of the colonies What are the benefits of imperialism to the colonizer?

They were able to help the colony built a civilization and they them self’s were able to control garden spots and built roads and transportation for the travel. Document 2
How is British imperialism both positive and negative for India? The British were able to provide a politically peaceful and orders place. They helped them materially. The negative parts were that, the British/Europeans always took up the higher places in every department of government and they lived off the Indians work. Document 3

What benefits did India gain during British imperialism?
British imperialism provided many benefits towards India one of them was they provided peace to the country, as well and a western education, new thoughts and modern science an a better life more civilized and established courts of justice and mad wise laws. Document 4

List at least five benefits of imperialism cited by this author. 1 they have made and developed means of communication
2 they have built many bridges
3 they have made 40,000 miles of railroads, and 70,000 miles of paved roads. 4 improved higher standard of living
5 and improved sanitation
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What are the benefits of imperialism identified by this author? The British helped rise the trade of Indians products, and stopped the killing of babies (infanticide) and ended slavery and forbid the ownership of slaves. Document 6

What negative effects of imperialism does Nehru point out?
India Supplied raw materials and provided markets for England’s industrial goods, yet destruction of industry lead to unemployment on a vast Scale and...
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