Colonialism and Clear Thesis Statements

Topics: Colonialism, Civil disobedience, Indigenous peoples Pages: 3 (634 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Task 3 Outline
Individuals and Institutions as Mechanisms of Social Change
* Make sure you answer each part of the question. Several parts to this task * Use clear thesis statements for each part
* Remember to use specific details and examples whenever you can ( look for any particular instance where you can use details

Part A
Choosing your example
“Discuss the rise of imperialism or colonialism in ONE area of the world from the following list” (understand the definition of imperialism and colonialism)
Tell why it’s happening and how it unfolds
* North America
* Africa
* India
* You are given several large areas
* Give the Overall context of colonial/ imperialism
* Narrow your focus down to one empire- a lot of areas have many empires * Select a colony or two to demonstrate the process-talk about how they went into an area, the settlers that went there, the government * In other words: Start big with the context and go smaller narrow it down

Questions you want to answer
1. Why did the empire(s) want to take over? ( looking for natural resources, money , labory, were they overpopulated?) 2. When did the process begin?( what year? Chronology, when did they establish?) 3. What were the main methods used?( economic control, military, displacement by other colonists) 4. What kind of governments was set up?( absolute monarchies? Contract systems?) * Were the colonies part of an absolute monarchy? Were they created with a contract system? Part A1: Describing the reactions of indigenous peoples

“Explain how the indigenous people of the area discussed in Part A reacted ( Via protest, rebellion, accommodation, etc.) to imperialism or colonialism” ( area you discuss in part a should be the same people you discuss in part A1) * How did people native to the region react ( Note : this does not mean how were they acted upon. This section could include agency.)-not how they were treated but how...
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