Colonialism in the Austral Realm

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Melbourne, Colonialism Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: November 3, 2013
Colonialism in the Austral Realm
To go back and colonize Australia again things would turn out differently. The first record of Europeans arriving on Australia’s waters was around 1606 then 54 more European ships arrived between 1606 and 1770, destruction and illnesses seemed to follow. Redoing that colonization would result in less people being killed from disease, starvation and just plain cruelty, animal life and vegetation would be prosperous, along with a vibrant culture. With starting from scratch and recolonizing Australia the city of Melbourne would be a good place to start, it is protected from very large ships entering into the Bass Strait’s due to it being around 50 meters deep, and the water in the Bass Strait also has notoriously rough waters, helping to protect Melbourne from outsiders trying to attack the city. The area of Melbourne offers agriculture resources such as fishing, farming, sheep, and dairy and close to a grain producing area, it also offers mineral resources such as coal, gold, natural gas and crude oil, having access to these resources would provide ample environments for farming and for livestock, along with the ability to industrialize the area. Upon meeting the indigenous people of Australia the Aborigines a partnership or accordance would have been made to insure that their people were protected and received the respect they deserved. The Aboriginal people would be left to teach and live as they saw fit, allowing them to feed off the land, share their traditions, language and history with anyone they chose. The Aboriginal people believe that the land and the things on the land are sacred and secret, outside people are not allowed to know traditions or even see artworks except for a “select few people, after reaching a proper level of knowledge of Aboriginal history” (Johnson, 2013) are then allowed to see the artwork. With Melbourne colonized and an established area, building an export economy would be the next step due to the...

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