Colonization and Exploration

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Exploration and Colonization of the English, French, and Spanish
The basis for exploration to the West, starting with the Spanish, cam e after the Italians sent Marco Polo to China which in turn created the Silk Road. These other 3 international powers, the English, French, and Spanish, needed their own ways to get to the Middle East to obtain those goods. So, this want for new, valuable goods, is what the basis for the exploration was. Another main basis was the creation of new seafaring equipment. All of the three countries used these same inventions. These were the Astrolabe and Compass, along with the new ship design called the Caravel. Apart from these two bases of exploration, the countries each had their own reasons for exploring.

With colonization, each country controlled different parts of the New World, for the most part. The Spaniards conquered Central America and South-West North America, along with South America. The French colonized much of the Eastern Canada area, and down the central area of North America. The English, a bit late in the exploring of the New World, colonized obviously the 13 colonies and a bit of present-day Canada.

Spain had many reasons for exploring westward. First of all, as stated above, they had a desire for valuable, expensive goods, and wanted a more efficient way of getting those goods. Secondly, the Spanish, after finding the Americas, had a hunger for gold and riches. This is what drove them to send so many explorers to America. The reason they had so many explorers to send was because of the Law of Primogenture. This law described that the oldest son was the only son that inherited anything, so the second and third etc. sons got nothing. This drove these sons to find fortune elsewhere, so they could continue to live royally after they grew up. With these explorers came priests. These priests came to convert the native Indians to Catholicism, to gain more and more followers around the world. With...
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