Colonization and its Impacts

Topics: Africa, Colonialism, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 4 (529 words) Published: January 25, 2015

Colonization and its Impacts
American Intercontinental University
Marylee Mason

Colonization is the practice in which one nation extends its power and control over to a weaker nation. During Columbus’s voyage in 1492 the colonization was transferred from the old world to the new world. This started a pattern by the Spanish which then was followed by other Europeans that lasted more than 500 years. By 1789 “The first wave of colonization was mostly complete, except for a minor adjustment here and there” (World of Cultures, 2014, pg. 182). In addition to this the first wave was caused by the lust for gold, glory, and mercantilism. The second wave had the desire to secure sources of raw materials and to educate and save the native people.

The colonization of Africa happened between the 1870’s and 1900’s. African societies put up forms of resistance to fight against the attempt to colonize their countries. In despite of the fight, most of Africa had been colonized by European powers. When the European imperialist pushed into Africa it was motivated by three main factors which were social, political, and economic. Africans were used by the Europeans as a source of salves, raw materials, and riches. The imposition of colonialism on Africa would alter its history forever. There modes of thought, and ways of life were impacted by the change. Prior to the “scramble for Africa,” their economies were advancing in every area, mostly in the area of trade. The colonizing of Africa was to exploit the physical, human, and economic resources of an area that would benefit the colonizing nation. Before the colonization, Africa was not economically isolated from the rest of the world. The African states engaged in international trade and the West Africa had specifically developed extensive trading systems. After Livingston opened African the Western missionaries moved in by the thousands. Benefits of the missionaries being involved...

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