Colonization of Africa: an Unjustifiable Act

Topics: Colonialism, Africa, Europe Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: August 28, 2013
The Colonization of Africa – An Unjustifiable Act
Thomas Chou
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In today’s world, most African countries are struggling to keep up economically, politically, and socially compared to many other developing countries in the world. Countries such as North Sudan and South Sudan have just claimed freedom from each other, after fighting a long civil war along with genocide. Africa’s rich history is one of culture, tradition, and simplicity, but because of colonization of many regions in Africa, Africa’s history is now tainted with the themes of massacre, stripping of natural resources, slavery, and wars. The European colonization of Africa is not justified by the fact that there was “a great need for the ‘modern’ reconstruction of African life and thought” (Davidson 309), or a “need for a creative revolutionary break with the long unfolding of African Iron Age society” (Davidson 310) because of European colonizer’s interferences with social and cultural groups due to the European division of regions during colonization. Before colonization began, European countries such as Italy, France, and Great Britain began to plan their exploration of the undeveloped continent of Africa. While deciding the areas worth exploring, most countries found that it would be most valuable to explore areas along the coast. To the Europeans, colonizing along the coast would maximize efficiency in trading, and also make it easier to establish cities that could grow and expand in the future. But during the race and struggle for desirable land, the European countries did not take into account the large number of ethnic, religious, and cultural groups living in the regions they planned to colonize. The borders that the Europeans drew divided many groups of people that had grown together to form communities, and also clustered together groups of people who had disagreeing views or ideas with one another. Because of this, animosity between the groups of people developed, and...
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