Topics: Completeness, Nonviolent Communication, Communication Pages: 5 (1682 words) Published: November 12, 2013

12 November 2013
The Importance of Communication
The importance of communication cannot be underestimated between supervisors, subordinates and those between supervisors and subordinates. There are many different ways that good communication has become apparently obvious, and even when communication has been needed or required it has always helped even if it just came down to understanding what is going on or when supervisors and subordinates just wish to know what they can do to improve either personal or professional. Supervisors need to know what their subordinates have happening and if they will need time to have their personal affairs in order or if it will require the help or advice of their supervisors, or just someone with more knowledge and experience who help accomplish the task. When there is lack of communication many things can be broken, lost and uncertainty as to what needs to be done. The communication between supervisors has many different reasons for being important, ranging from making sure they know what need to complete certain task to be completed, making sure they do not waste resources and that subordinates are doing task correctly and safely. If a group of supervisors has a task to complete, it would be a waste of time to task multiple subordinates that are not need and could be accomplishing other tasks at the same time. It is necessary for supervisors to communicate how many subordinates they currently have and what task they can complete with and without a supervisor. So if a supervisor does not communicate how many subordinates they currently have available certain task will take longer to complete, while others might not get completed that need to be completed. If a supervisor also fails to communicate what task need to be completed and when they need to be completed, it will bring uncertainty as to what is happening in the work area. Most tasks that are given out by supervisors also require subordinates to have effective communication skills. This is in order to accomplish whatever task they were given by their supervisor. While not all task given out by supervisors will need multiple subordinates, when multiple subordinates are need they will require effective communication. This is will also increase the overall moral of subordinates as well as the supervisors when they see their subordinates are in a overall good mood while at work and completing all the task that the supervisors told them to complete. Another good reason that subordinates need to have good communication is that it will allow them to look after each other and help resolve any personal issues that they are having before having to go to their supervisor. This will also help when the issue is getting to large and one subordinate looking after their friend brings up the issue for them to make sure they get the help they need. When subordinates have good communication they are able to increase the moral of the workspace, look after each other, and make sure that each other are alright. Good communication also has a lot of importance between supervisors and subordinates. These communications will help subordinates know that they can ask on how to improve their overall performance in the workplace. While others can find out easier ways to complete the task that are given out by their supervisors. This form of communication will also allow supervisors to inform their subordinates of any issues, a chance to improve and standout from the rest, and to also understand what is happening with their subordinates whether it is personal or professional. When issues arise in the work place, it is important for supervisors to be able to effectively communicate what is or has happened, and what steps should oe need to be taken to prevent that issue from happening again. Supervisors should also communicate ways for subordinates to improve and standout from the rest. This is important as it allows subordinates to increase and expand what...
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