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Topics: Communication, Writing, Language Pages: 5 (1505 words) Published: February 15, 2014
Communication today is increasingly characterized by both the computerized - technical media and the mass media. Communication through media today is through services such as the short message services (S.M.S.), applications in smart phones such as Whats App, social media sites as well as forms of print and online media. These media can have an influence on the form and content of the communication behavior and the life and work of the people. However it is vital that we differentiate between forms and categories of communication. The former refers to a communicative schema while the latter refers to the communicative patterns in which parties involved get guidance to a communicative schema, for example a chat communication. In this essay, I will focus on the categories of communication and see how these have been influenced by the media and whether it has an impact on the way people communicate. My target group would be the young people, from teenagers to young adults. This is because the benefits of transmission of data through phones or the internet mean fast accessibility to virtually anywhere and this is captivating for this group. These forms of communication mean that they can easily keep in touch, make appointments, maintain relationships and of course have fun communicating. However, there are certain factors that influence the communicative categories in which various groups of people fall under, e.g. ethnic and cultural affiliation, social circles, and age as well as status. . It is through these categories that communication patterns can be analyzed. Further, the dichotomies of oral and written form of communication form substantial drawing lines in as much as the influence on both these aspects on verbal and non-verbal forms of communication is concerned. Consequentially, the aspects that a language entails such as morphology, syntax, lexicon, pragmatics etcetera can be affected. We start by looking at the aspects. Syntax, which is the principles on which sentences in a language are processed in a language, is mostly affected in the non-verbal than in the verbal communication. This means the when conversing over a phone call or face to face communication can take place without much problem. If one party does not understand the other, they can directly ask. In a written form though it could be problematic if the involved parties have don’t master a language comprehensively or when it comes to someone outside a specific group. Within the same groups, people tend to have a sort of specific cord which they use e.g. between peer groups or even different regions in a country. Another aspect would be lexical semantics. This means the study of what individual lexical items mean, why they mean what they do, how we can represent all of this, and where the combined interpretation for an utterance comes from. Similarly the non-verbal communication is affected more by mediums of communication as the verbal from. The word order in which one utters in a face to face talk is not so problematic since one can also understand from the context. However in the written form, there is a incoherency and therefore the structure of the language can be deterred leading to misunderstandings. Now moving over to the practical part, how are the youth using this media? In the case of written form, there is an urge to keep the message short and concise as possible. Concise here means that the data sent is understandable to the one receiving it; there has to be a differentiation based on the communication partner. For example, in as SMS, this saves a lot of character and it is usually possible to squeeze the contents in only 160 characters . Further, cost and time plays an important role. The shorter the text is, the cheaper it is and the less time consuming it is. Even in chat rooms the chat message must be sent quickly for a quick feedback. So as to keep the conversations going, many abbreviations and acronyms are used. Whole phrases or...

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