Compare and Contrast Jamestown and Massachusetts

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Both settlers of Jamestown and Massachusetts colonized those different areas to establish a colony in the New World and look for resources to in return to England’s investments. However, Jamestown and Massachusetts both had more early problems than successes in their colonies. One major problem was both colonies faced harsh weather conditions. Along with limited natural resources. Also, they had problems with people coming from England to try to take control of the colonies. One major example that both Massachusetts and Jamestown had in common was the reasoning of why the colonists settled in that specific region.

Starting in 1607, colonists selected with what they believed to be an easily defended location, inland setting they believed would offer security. However, the site was low, swampy, hot and humid. In the summer outbreaks of malaria occurred. Since the settlers had no prior exposure, and therefore no immunity to infections of the new land. They quickly ran into other major early problems. First, the area had thick woods which made it difficult to clear for cultivation. Second, the land laid within the territory of powerful local Indians, confederation led by an imperial chief, Powhatan. Thirdly, promoters of London demanded a quick return on their investment; the colonists spent their energy on searching for gold. They quickly found out that there wasn’t any gold in Virginia. Among those problems, the London Company had little interest in creating a family-centered community. So, at first no women were present in Jamestown, making it difficult to establish and semblance of a society. Also, greed and rootlessness contributed to the failure to grow a sufficient food; inadequate diets contributed to colonists vulnerability to disease. When John Smith came along in 1608, he organized raids on neighboring villages to steal food and kidnap natives. Soon after that the “starving time” many people succumbed fevers before cold weather came. The local Indians...
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