Contact between cultures

Topics: Colonialism, Culture, Indigenous peoples Pages: 3 (533 words) Published: November 17, 2014
Contact between cultures: A historical perspective

Contact between cultures
The world has a lot of cultures and all the cultures are different. Many cultures come into contact with each other throughout history. Long time ago, many European navigators used to navigate across the world to locate new areas. Once an area is located, they would use it for settlement where they discover the riches of these areas and eventually, these experiences led to set up European colonies around these areas. Moreover, they would colonise another country mainly to exploit the land and sources which resulted into a greater benefits for the colonising countries. (Jandt, 2010:266) Colonisation made the destruction of many world cultures, that is, indigenous languages were not allowed as they were viewed as low status. Furthermore, to have access to education, power and security, they need to get used to the language and behaviour of the coloniser. Colonisation: culture and power

Colonisation is to set up a colony by a group of people in order to take the power of countries. Colonisation occurred to develop the economy of the colonial culture. The main reason was to take possession of its land and resources and the riches were used to deal with another country. As there was an increase for the demand of food and other goods, they would establish a trading route for export. Ethnocentrism and Racism

Ethnocentrism refers to:
‘’negatively judging aspects of another culture by the standards of one’s own culture. To be ethnocentric is to believe in the superiority of one’s own culture’’ (Jandt, 2010:84) Racism means a form of discrimination based on a negative thought that some races are higher compared to others because of different skin colour, nationality or cultural background. The cultural practices of the colonised group were often referred to disparagingly as ‘savage’ and the dominant group occasionally viewed their presence in a colony as having a ‘civilising’ effect on the...
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