Culture and Business Practice in Asia

Topics: Tourism, Southeast Asia, Vietnam Pages: 5 (1965 words) Published: April 15, 2013

Topic 3: How is culture used to market tourism destinations in Asia. What standard images and recurring ideas and expressions appear most often in the tourism marketing campaigns of two Asian countries? Tourism has become one of a superior branch which has the fastest growth rate in the service industry. Each country always wants to exploit the potentiality of tourism because not only does it bring the high profit, but also it is a way to advertise the country to the world. To consider about the success of tourism, culture is the most important element and has the most influence on tourism campaigns and advertisement. This essay will discuss about how various aspect of culture affect to tourism in Asia and how Thailand and Vietnam use slogan, symbol as well as branding strategy to market their tourism. Culture is a kernel which creates distinctive features for country and has a profound influence on the tourism. According to Hsu et al. (2008, p.42), culture plays an important role in tourism and in order to be successful, understanding and being aware of the differences among cultures is obviously necessary. For instance, the richness and diversity of China is one of the advantages which help tourism’s China grows markedly. They know how to use traditional and cultural values to apply tourism marketing to attract more visitors every year (Mok and Defranco 2000). Basically, culture is used almost in tourism campaigns as well as for the marketing and advertising. There are different aspects of culture such as music and dance, art and craft, architecture and especially cuisine. Additionally, it is also displayed through the national beautiful landscapes or traditional holidays. To illustrate, Thailand is known as ‘the land of golden temples’ where there are many of unique architecture with Buddhist style and 94.6 percent of population belong to Buddhism (The World Fact book 2012). This is the distinctive feature of Thailand which makes people are aware of and attract millions visitor every year. Moreover, the traditional art and activities of local people are also focused in tourism marketing. Throughout all of them, the diversity and values of culture of each country is displayed clearly and lively. It helps to create a chance for tourists to explore the destination because the main reason and motives for people to travelling is about the curiosity of the new culture and experience (Throsby 2001, p.128). For example, Gloria (1995) states that water puppetry is a remarkable performing art which is inspired and being a soul of rice field of Vietnamese. This is one of famous Vietnamese art form as well as heritage in which the puppets are controlled by artists behind the curtains. They are also people who dubbed for the puppets. The tourism companies in Vietnam also try to exploit it to make the tourists have a view in another dimension of Vietnamese art. In general, culture is a treasure for any tourism company to exploit because there are always differences between countries and it is also a motivation, an interest for visitors. In Thailand, Songkran is one of the most essential festivals which is an occasion for people to throw water to each other. It takes place annually in the middle of April based on the solar calendar. On the other hand, Vietnam has Tet holiday following the lunar calendar. Both of these two festivals are the occasion for family re-union, going to temples or pagoda and cleaning house. However, the differences between these two are the symbolism and traditional habit of local people. Water is the symbol of Songkran festival while Vietnam has blossom and apricot tree. Tet Holiday is the most essential occasion in Vietnam when people in a family can gather together to wish you luck in the New Year. More specifically, children and sometimes adults will receive ‘lucky money’ in small red paper bags. Tet Holiday also goes with the picture of apricot and...
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