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Sabrina Barton December 29, 2012

Imperialism throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Africa brought

about changes in both European nations, and Africa. Due to Africa's large amounts of resources,

European nations were interested in spreading its colony to Africa. There were both positive and

negative effects of European Imperialism, for both Europe, and Africa. There were many negative

effects on Africa including suffering, cultural loss, and racism. However, Europe was effected very

positively gaining natural resources, and free labor. A negative effect for Europe was that Europeans

lost money supporting their colonies. Even though Imperialism effected Africa negatively, Africa did

better economically, and gained new technology. Imperialism changed both Africa and Europe in many

different ways causing positive and negative changes to these nations.

As European Imperialism effected Africa, the European nations were also effected both negativ-

ely and positively. A negative effect of European Imperialism over Africa was European rulers often

lost money in supporting their colonies, causing Europeans to be drained financially (Document 7). The

amount Europe earned from Africa, wasn't enough in return for the amount of which Europe spent

supporting, and protecting the colony. The colony earned very little for its colonizer in trade, causing

European Imperialism to be a negative effect for the European nations.

Europe had may positive effects from their rule over Africa. A positive effect of Imperialism on

Europe was from Africa's resources, Europeans who opened the region to lumberman, miner, and

planter allowed Europe able to grow financially (Document 4). Europeans gained resources to better

themselves and their economy. Resources allowed Europeans to become successful in farming and

mining. The diamonds they mined in Africa, could also be sold at high prices in Europe. This allowed

for more wealth upon European nations. With these new advancements, European industry and

economy grew, and became stronger. Another positive effect was the Europeans didn't have to pay

African workers, leaving all the hard work to be done by the natives (Document 1). This caused

Europeans to obtain African goods for free, and then make a high profit off of it. This was very

significant because it helped European nations grow economically to better shape themselves. While

Europeans took resources from Africa, they used the land there to grow cash crops, to use for their own

land. This allowed for a surplus in crops and food. Overall the farming industry grew rapidly, allowing

great success for the Europeans economically. European nations benefited Imperialism over Africa for

these reasons.

European Imperialism caused many negative effects for Africa. One of these effects include

Africa's loss of nationalism (Document 2). This was due to the Europeans treating the Africans very

poorly, and forced labor upon them. The Europeans treated them as animals, and looked/spoke negatively upon their culture. With the Europeans coming to Africa, the Europeans were taking away

the Africans mineral resources (Document 1). This was a huge negative effect of Imperialism on Africa

because Africa was losing its natural resources they use to survive, to Europe. Along with Africa having

its land taken away, they had to live under British rule, and were sometimes used as personal servants

for the British (Document 6). All of this caused Africa's culture to break down. As colonial cities grew,

some families moved to the cities hoping to improve their positions, as others were forced to take jobs

in European owned factories and businesses in order to pay taxes. European Imperialism caused close

knit villages to decline, causing people to not have the same concern for helping each other as...
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