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Topics: Slavery, United States, Colonialism Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: February 17, 2015
Kristin Bishop
DBQ 1. Changing Demographics, 1660-1775
Between 1660 and 1775, Great Britain’s North American colonies were affected greatly by race, ethnicity and religion. The first settlers were mainly racially white, ethnically English, and religiously Protestant. The new world became a home to people who wanted more freedom. The demand of new market and new forces of labor created an opportunity for new races and ethnicities to colonize America. New forces of race, ethnicity and religion show how colonial society was a melting pot compared to any other country in the world. Protestantism became the main religion in England after Queen Elizabeth fought for freedom of religion against Roman Catholics. To escape persecution, Roman Catholics immigrated to the New World. This is where Lord Baltimore fought for refuge and made it possible for anyone to practice any religion (doc a). In 1649, the Act Concerning Religion was passed by the Maryland colony. This act states that no one that believes in Jesus Christ shall be in any way troubled or disliked for or in respect to his religion, nor should they be compelled to the belief or exercise of any other religion against their consent (doc a). The Protestants and Catholics show how religion has contributed to colonial society. Indians were already in control of most of the New World’s lands when the Europeans arrived. To the Europeans, the Natives were unwanted irritation. Violence between the Englishmen and Indians quickly broke out after the English arrive at Chesapeake Bay. Lord De La Warr planned to start a vicious campaign against the Indians with the idea of destroying them completely and taking them off the map. One of the worst attacks was Bacon’s Rebellion. Nathaniel Bacon led a group of yeomen to attack several Indian villages in response to Governor Berkeley’s containment policy. This rebellion was stopped when an English Governor hung some of Bacon’s men to prove a point (doc b). Indentured...
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