Dbq Essay - Imperialism

Topics: Colonialism, Africa, Caribbean Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: March 19, 2012
Thesis: European imperialism had negative impacts, such as stripping weaker countries of their land and exploiting people of that land, and positive impacts, both societies benefitting from each other such the creating of roads, school and jobs.

One negative effect imperialism had been that the Africans were being stripped of their land. In document 4 an African proverb states that “the whites” had taken their land and changed their faith, displaying the amount of power “the whites” have. Europeans first sent out missionaries to spread their religion to these non-industrialized countries. After the Europeans have set their religion in they would bring in the big guns and take their land. A West African nationalist, Sekou Toure, describes how imperialists look down upon Africans as savages who couldn’t rule and absorbed colonies into their empire, his purpose for the document was possibly to unite people against the whites. The imperialists would basically bully weaker countries until they lacked self-confidence and just eventually give up their land. Once the imperialists absorbed these colonies they would use their raw materials to support their industrialization back at their homeland. Although it appears that Africans being stripped of their land is a negative effect, a journal containing entries about country invasion by a military officer would help to clarify whether this is true.

Another negative impact imperialism had been the exploitation of Africans for work. An unknown artist drew a picture of an Asian man and an African man pulling a military officer in a wagon to show the power that European nations have above others. Bigger/more powerful nations are taking advantage of the people settled in lands that aren’t industrialized or as rich. David Diop displayed how “The White Man” takes advantage of in Africans in An Anthology of West African Verse that describes the death of his father and brother and his mother being raped. In the...
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